Small Teams Create the Best Books!

A Full-Service Team Approach. A Better Distribution Deal.

Compared to DIY distribution services like Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace), LightningSource and Smashwords, Tellwell offers a full-service team approach to publishing and a better distribution deal. The do0it-yourself (DIY) services listed above are all great, but they don’t help with editing, design, or marketing. They don’t give you guidance at each step. You need to be technically savvy. So, for many authors, they just don’t provide the necessary level of support. Tellwell has better distribution than these companies by combining the best features of each!

Compared to full-service publishing companies like Author Solutions (Authorhouse, Xlibris, Trafford, Iuniverse, Belboa), Tellwell has a much better distribution deal. We work with many of the same distribution channels that they use (e.g. Ingram, Lightning Source, and KDP), but Tellwell doesn’t inflate the distribution costs! The problem with inflated distribution costs is that it can negatively impact how you price your book, resulting in high retail prices and lower royalties. Tellwell offers the smartest distribution model. Plus, we’ve developed a reputation for great service.

Our Values

We operate in a fast-paced environment with constant change, working in a passionate industry requiring teamwork to succeed. We face challenges every day with a positive and optimistic attitude. We share our opinions frankly and offer suggestions to improve our service. We think big and act quickly with an entrepreneurial mindset, solving challenges every day as we take small steps towards ambitious long-term goals.

Our Leadership

Tim Lindsay
CEO & Founder

Tim has a passion for books and publishing. He encourages and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that is so prevalent in indie publishing. With over 10 years in publishing, Tim came to realize that what authors really needed was a small team of experts to help edit, design, distribute and market a book, together with some guidance and support. Passion, teamwork, talent, honesty, and entrepreneurial spirit. These are the values Tim strives to exemplify and cultivate at Tellwell.

Monica Martinez
Marketing Director

Monica has more than 10 years combined experience in storytelling, journalism, and marketing. She works on Tellwell’s content and digital marketing, corporate communications and public relations, to help craft and share the Tellwell story. She also oversees Tellwell’s marketing services program. Before Tellwell, Monica worked as a video-journalist and TV news anchor. She was involved in every aspect of storytelling from shooting, editing and writing.

Alan Hunter
Lead Developer

Alan leads Tellwell’s IT and software development program. In addition to a degree in business, he brings a wealth of experience as a programmer and senior developer working on software projects in many industries. When away from the computer Alan enjoys sailing, kayaking, climbing and diving around Vancouver island and the world. Alan’s mission with Tellwell is to leverage talent and technology to have a significant and truly positive impact on the publishing industry.

Pamela Pasco
General Manager, Intl Office

Pamela leads operations at Tellwell’s International Office. She worked in the indie publishing industry starting in 2004 and worked her way up from customer service to leading a publishing operations department. Pamela’s goal is to bring the best out of her team. Her mandate is to find innovative solutions to publishing challenges such as timely workflows, online collaboration, and software development while building a team of talented publishing professionals.

Our Editing Team

Alison Strumberger
Managing Editor

In addition to shepherding many of our book projects from start to finish, Alison leads Tellwell’s editorial team. She brings to Tellwell over ten years professional publishing, writing, and editing experience. She has worked as an editor and project manager in trade and educational publishing houses, taught communications at La Trobe University in Australia, and traveled to nearly thirty countries while teaching English and focusing on her own writing. She holds a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University, and an MA in Publishing from the University of Melbourne.


Our Team Book Marketing

Katie Hennessey
Book Marketing Consultant
Chelsea Rutherford
Book Marketing Consultant
Cassie Smith
Marketing Consultant
Monica, Chelsea, Katie and Cassie. When they’re not marketing books they’re eating healthy salads!

Our Teams – Production

Redjell Arcillas
PM Team Lead
Joy Commendador
Project Manager
Simon Page
Program Manager
Rhea Inot
Project Manager
Jonveth (“Cookie”) Tabar
Project Manager
Gezel Zozobrado
Project Manager
Elliott Hockley
Program Manager
Daphnee Cuevas
Printing Administration

Our Team – Publishing Consultants

Mitch Anderson
Publishing Consultant
Scott Lunn
Publishing Consultant
Jennifer Chapin
Publishing Consultant
Maria Brown
Publishing Consultant

Celeste Guevarra
Publishing Consultant
Ejay Co
Publishing Consultant
Phil Gray
Publishing Consultant
John Henrick Abella
Publishing Consultant

Our Team – Graphic Design

Our Design Team has Over 50 Years of Combined Book Design Experience
Design Coordinator
Design Coordinator
Joemar, Michael, Arche & Team
Design Coordinator
 A Small Sample of Our Designs...